Project Coordinators

Food Retailers Association

Food Retailers Association (GPD) is the representative of its members with annual turnover that have reached $40 billion with 245 thousands workers, 24 thousands stores all over Turkey. The actions it takes are designed according to the agenda of this huge sector’s needs.

GPD works closely with KMD since they both founded. Enhancement of Skills in Retail project is born in the joint Education and Employment Committee, with the participation of corporate members’ relevant members and the experts. Both Associations have more than 160 corporate and permanent members in Retail sector in total.

Chain Stores Association

Chain store Association (KMD) is representative of the members with the turnover of $26 billion with 3 thousand stores and with 115 thousand employees. KMD Works for the non-food, non-fashion retail sector to develop know-how, solutions and make necessary policies in favor of the industry’s welfare and growth.

KMD is the closest partner that we have worked from the beginning. The staff has worked together under Trade Council Of Shopping Centers & Retailers (AMPD), therefore close relationship has established and they still organize sector events, trainings, conferences etc. in cooperation.

Other Partners

Berufskolleg an der Lindenstraβe

Berufskolleg an der Lindenstraβe (BKAL) is the center with the Certification authority for Retail Education and they are social partners with EuroCommerce and UniEurope. Our initial contact was through AMPD, who is also partners with EuroCommerce. They will be sharing their vast experience in Retail Education and lead workshops.

Boğaziçi University

With Bogazici University we established contact through Migros AS, who is both a committed member of our Association specifically in education and employment department. Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Center is exceptional in the field. They will be performing the SWOT analysis and Comperative SWOT analysis, finalizing the research reports. Additionally they will be assisting the establishment of Education Platform, organizing the plot examinations.

Centro de Formação Profissional para o Comércio e Afins

We have met Centro de Formação Profissional para o Comércio e Afins (CECOA) through Bogazici University, a leading business school in Portugal. They represent another methodology of vocational education implemented, which holds great importance in comparative terms and for the betterment of the Module.


Mehmet Ali Büyükhanlı Ticaret Meslek Lisesi and AMPD worked in cooperation in the Retail Curriculum project. Two expert curriculum designers from the School will be drafting the Module. Additionally, they will be assisting the plot education and examinations.

Kauppiaitten Kauppaoppilailatos Oy

Another partner that we have met through Eurocommerce is Kauppiaitten Kauppaoppilailatos Oy (MERCURIA). They have extended and rich Retail department, which will contribute massively into the project.


Bimeks is the first technology retailer in Turkey. It is also a founder partner of the project, a dedicated and extensively experienced partner.


MEDIA-SATURN has been a dedicated member of the mentioned Committee and they have expertise in electronic retail education. It is a part of METRO GROUP.


METRO GROSSMARKET is a part of EuCoCO Project as being a part if METRO GROUP. They are one of the innovative parties for the project comes to light, therefore their contribution is of great importance.


Migros being one of the pioneers of modern retail sector in Turkey, MIGROS is one of the members of the Committee. They are excelled in Food Retails Training with their Akademig for their employees.


ŞAYPA, Bursa based ŞAYPA, is especially well known for its investment in training in the sector. At the same time an important actor for the economic development of the region.


ŞOK Market prepresents relatively meduium size of food retailers.It also puts the emphasize on customer satisfaction and food quality.


UYUM market represents a relatively medium and small size of food retailers, that develops training and searching for better methodology


Watsons is a member of Watsons International and has expertise on retail training especially in the field of health and beauty. Watsons representative in the GPD & KMD Joint Education and Employment Committee, is a committed trainer and training developer. His expertise is a value for the project