Enhancement of Skills in Retail

Project Coordinator GPD and KMD

Food Retailers Association (GPD) works closely with Chain Stores Association (KMD) since they both founded. Enhancement of Skills in Retail project is born in the joint Education and Employment Committee, with the participation of corporate members’ relevant members and the experts. Both Associations have more than 160 corporate and permanent members in Retail sector in total, which provides the opportunity of close social relations to bond, constant knowledge and experience flow as well as power and capacity for problem solving, policy making etc. The corporate partners of the project are all dedicated to eliminate the vocational training related issues in the sector and they have the human resources capacity to dedicate in the project. European partners on the other hand are leading and dedicated vocational education institutions with great experience in their fields and know-how as well as with the resources that allows them to contribute greatly into the project. National education partners have also the know-how on curriculum design and development as well as research and academic reporting competencies.

How was the Partnership established?

The initial cooperative communications have been made through several channels depending on the location of the partners. Meetings were held and correspondences have been carried out with the potential partners until the partnerships are in principle agreed on.

All partners have wide audiences, networks and communicative skills and means to disseminate the project results.

More details about project partners